New Year, Better Leader

We interrupt your regularly scheduled New Year's Resolutions with a simple question. What if we traded in our resolutions for competencies? Skills, mindsets and behaviors that last longer than the first few weeks of 2024. As leaders, this isn’t optional, it’s critical to the success of our organizations and teams. So if you’re looking for some skills that will boost your leadership…where do you start?

I have a few ideas…

Leave perfectionism at the door - in fact, dump it entirely. It’s a tool of fear, not excellence. If it feels like the world will crumble if you don’t do A++ work every single day, remember that doesn’t help you, it hurts you and your team. Find out how to move past perfectionism here.

Words are powerful, and what leaders say has the power to build up your team or destroy it. How do we create a winning environment through our words? Find out the difference between Winning Words and Losing Language and how to shape the mindset of your team in this episode.

Innovation is a word that gets thrown around a lot at work, but how do you actually infuse it into our culture? Sometimes leaders demand innovation, but shut down creativity (see the problem here). Learn how to Cultivate Creativity and Encourage Innovation on Your Team in this episode.

The higher you go in an organization, the more you have to lead horizontally, not vertically. You have to take into account the needs of the business as a whole versus the needs of your own department. Learn how to Think Horizontally and Make Decisions Vertically here.

Not all work is created equal - some is vital to the success of the organization and other work…we really shouldn’t be giving the time of day. We call this vanity work - meaningless, wasteful, ego-driven tasks that do nothing but drain resources. Learn how to Banish Vanity Work it From Your Team Forever here.

Wishing you a year filled with great learnings, where you get to the lead the whole person (including yourself).

Let’s do this!

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