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High Performance Cultures with Sue Firth

No executive should be in the wild without a coach, there’s too much head trash, there’s so many stories, there’s too much stress and all of those things, and I just feel like for mental health reasons, every executive should have a coach. -Jen Thornton Do Leaders have to get everything right? Jen and I […]

Defining Leadership with Tim Winders

What does leadership mean to you? Everyone has their preferred approach to leadership. But leading a team to reach a common goal harbors its own hurdles causing an arduous journey. At times, a leader may be confronted with unforeseen matters and challenges. As a leader, it is your responsibility to spearhead change and progress for […]

Jen on Passage to Profit, an iHeart Radio Show

Find the Best Talent for Your Business Just have a short time? Listen to an excerpt of Jen’s interview here. 0:00:00.0 S1: How do we think about talent in the workplace and really recognizing the only way a business gets off the ground is the talent in which surrounds the business. 0:00:11.0 S2: You know […]

How to Leverage Neuroscience in Leadership

0:00:18.0 S1: Hey everybody, and welcome to Learning From Smart People. I am your host, Rob Oliver, and I appreciate you being here today. Listen, I just have a real quick favor to ask of all of my listeners, and as you listen to this, maybe you’re on Apple Podcast, wherever you are, make sure […]

Talent, Teamwork and Results

0:00:00.2 S1: Courage to Lead, episode 73. 0:00:03.6 S2: Your listening to the IB4E coaching podcast. 0:00:11.9 S1: Brought to you by IB4E coaching business coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and small business professionals, learn more at Hey, Coach Harlan, welcome back to the podcast. Hope you guys are having a great week. I’m having […]

A Conversation About Talent Strategies

“I get up every day and I love what I do, and you really can teach people how to be fantastic leaders if you slow down enough to do it.” – Jen 0:00:03.1 S1: Train people well enough so that they can leave… Treat them well enough so that they don’t want to. That is […]

The Neuroscience of Leadership

0:00:00.0 S1: What’s up, guys? Super excited to let you know that we’re now releasing transcripts of the podcast is linked in the podcast description, you can also find it on LinkedIn at Danny Langloss in our document section, if you’re not filling us on LinkedIn, please do. We’re releasing leadership content daily, really driving […]

Cultural Onboarding

0:00:17.5 S1: Hello everyone, welcome to this episode of The Heart of It Podcast, where we chat about what matters most in the world of HR, the people. My name is Sam Smeltzer and HR intuitive and healer. And today we are having a very special episode, that’s why it sounds completely different than what […]

The Price Of Being An Entrepreneur

0:00:00.0 S1: This podcast is brought to you by The Way of the Modern Beast. Beard care, grooming and community for men. Make sure you head over to and use the code Beast Pod for 10% off. Enjoy the show. What does it take to go from good to great, from fearful to fierce, […]

Using Neuroscience to Build Better Leaders

0:00:09.0 S1: Welcome back, everybody. This is XL 10-minute Leader’s Life. Talking to leaders in different time zones about what they’re doing in technology, business and society. What they are doing to make the world a slightly better place. Helping us in leadership and in just general development, personal goals, whether it’s skills, education. Wherever […]

Community at Work Makes Community in the World

0:00:03.9 S1: Hi everyone, this is Julie Bruns. Welcome to the Peace and Possibilities podcast. I want you to thrive and be happy, peaceful and content. No matter where you are in your journey. This podcast shares stories that will show you how it can be done, no matter what your circumstances. We inspire to […]

How Can Businesses Avoid the Dreaded Talent Cliff?

“When a business starts to take off, they start throwing all their resources into increasing their revenue, opening up new markets,” Jennifer explains. “But what they don’t say at the same time is: What do we need to do for our talent to ensure that they can keep up the pace with our growth?” “Psychological […]

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