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October 2017

OAD Assessment

Land Your Dream Job – Use Your Clifton Strengths When Answering Interview Questions

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Even if you consider yourself exceptionally outgoing, personable, and very qualified, job interviews can feel a little uncomfortable. It’s natural to want to make the best impression possible – and that can make it tempting to answer interview questions based on what you think your interviewer wants to hear. What if at your next interview, you leveraged your Clifton Strengths…

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Employee Assessment and Workforce Assessment

7 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

By | Leadership Coaching | No Comments

When you think of an effective leader, what type of person initially comes to mind? Is it someone who’s especially outgoing, who gets energized by large groups of people, with a larger-than-life personality? While these leaders can be very effective, it’s time to reframe our thinking. Introverts are also making waves in leadership positions in every industry. First, let’s define…

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