Chelsea Criss

Powering Unique You

0:00:07.0 S1: Hello and welcome to today’s Monday motivational episode of Powering Unique You. My name is Janna Macik and I’m so happy to be here with you today. Today’s Monday, my friends. Are you loving Monday or are you dreading Monday? Well no matter what I think every day is an opportunity for us …

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How not to think about Hiring, Firing and Leading

“You have to build a relationship with someone, and you have to recognize that when you make a hiring decision, you’re changing the course of someone’s life, you’re impacting their family, their finances, their resume, all of that, so when you just have partly hire someone and you hire someone for a job that they’re …

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Coaching Through Fear

0:00:09.3 S1: Hello Savvy listeners, I’m excited you are taking the time to invest in yourself today, SAVVY, the business podcast, will show you how your daily habits can create your own platform, experts will share solutions and efficient tips to create a road map just for you. One thing that can make this happen, …

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