We’re Thankful For Leadership Conversations

Like a tasty Thanksgiving meal, some leadership nuggets are too good not to share, with second or even third helpings. We can’t fix leadership if we’re not talking about it. That’s why we’ve expanded the podcast to feature conversations with some of my favorite leaders! Here at 304 Coaching, we’re all about leading the whole person - and that comes with so many great nuances.

From Tracie Mendoza, we learned that laughter, heartbreak, and creativity don’t have to be edged out of the workplace. 

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From Jeannie Barsam, we found out how to treat your career like the ultimate adventure, with fascinating pit stops and pivots. 

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From Jen Griffin, we learned how to have dialogue around disability, and why these conversations are necessary to make everyone feel heard and supported.

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Just like the waistband of your go-to Thanksgiving dinner outfit, leadership is expansive and that will never stop. So enjoy your holiday and these 3 incredible conversations with these fabulous lady leaders!




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